You Get What You Pay For

Many people who know me, know that I’m happy volunteering my dental skills for people in need. The other day, I was shocked to find that a charity that I volunteer for was turning around and charging the very people that they had asked me to restore for free! I called and asked “WHAT’S UP WITH THAT?”

They explained to me that it seems that people value what they pay for more. In other words, You get what you pay for.  That makes so much sense to me because “free” can mean “worthless” to a lot of people.
Now, don’t get me wrong.

That charity helps former inmates get back on their feet and back into society. A big part of that process is self esteem. A big contribution to our self-esteem is our smile. The charity only charges each client a small fee no matter how expensive their needs turn out to be. The point is to give them ownership for restoring their teeth back to them. Good idea, everyone should own their own teeth and dental health. Be responsible.

The point is that our bodies are a free gift from God and we’d better take care of what we were given. That’s our part: the care and feeding of our bodies is a big responsibility. Chew on that for awhile. There’s no such thing as a free lunch. I’m a true believer in respecting ourselves at every point in our life.

Dr. Phil (the OTHER Dr. Phil)

Keep your mouth clean!

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