Yikes! My gums are bleeding!

This morning, a bright,  friendly college student came in for a filling. I noticed that her gums bled freely as I cleaned around her teeth (A sure sign of inflammation and gum disease). After we finished, I asked her to get picky.

As some of you know, I am crazy about softpicks. They are an easy way to clean in between your teeth; very quick (30 seconds, if you’re slow)and very effective. More on that later.

Like most of us, my very sweet and bright college student said she was still working on using them every morning.
It’s not easy to develop a habit,  but this habit could save you thousands of dollars in future dental work,  as well as the embarrassment of bad breath and missing teeth.

Now for a bit of technical stuff.
Inflammation is the body’s way of fighting invaders that are damaging our tissue (picture dirt in a wound… Yuck).
Inflammation also helps us heal. Fluid builds up, making the area swollen and
tender. The same process lets red blood cells leak out of the blood
vessels.  We bleed.

Think of the bleeding as a signal flare:
Think trouble,  think (as my mom used to say) “Help… Murder… Police!!!”

Then, calmly insert something between your teeth like a toothpick,  a softpick (my favorite),  or floss. Gently clean for a second or 2…that’s all it takes. Keep it up once a day, every day. It may take a couple of weeks, but be patient, grasshopper, the payoff will come.

So, be well, get a soft pick between your teeth, love yourself. Your gums will thank you. (They speak very softly,  so it may be difficult to hear) As you are happily enjoying an excellent meal,  pat yourself on the back.   You did something kind for yourself.

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