Who is driving your bus?

Although I don’t like to think of myself as an old guy, my grandkids would DEFINITELY  disagree. 50 somethings are ancient… Today, at age 59.145, I’m a 50 super something. That makes me nearly ancient history.nice-nice-dental-bus


Before I kick off, I want to tell you about my day last Wednesday and why I love being a dentist (besides being able to communicate with literally 10’s of people via this wildly popular blog).

My last patient last Wednesday was new to the practice. His name is Jon Farewell (not his real name but perhaps only thinly disguised).

After happy chat in nice nice mode, I ask the logical burning question: “Jon, was your dad a bus driver by any chance?”
So you have probably guessed by now, or not, Jon’s father was indeed my grade school bus driver at Madison School #1, Harvey Bye.

Now for the heart-warming stuff:

I can clearly remember my first day of school. Back then, harried, sad Mothers across America proudly waved with tears in their eyes and a lump in their throat as their young skulls full of mush were taken away on the big yellow school bus to become nuclear scientists, doctors,  lawyers and, yes nice nice dentists.


Who was Harvey Bye and why do you care??

As Jon Bye sat in my dental chair and got a little lump in his throat,  I told him that his Dad, Mr Bye began my education that day 54 short years ago by teaching me how to be fearless, happy,  cheerful and nice to others. I very clearly remember Mr Bye and his super cheerful, uber-friendly welcome that said “you’re safe here and everything is going to be OK”.

That’s exactly what I try to communicate to every one of my patients.

Crazy side note: I called my brother, Cameron (his real name) who immediately said “tell Jon that Mr. Bye was a major figure in my school life and I’ll never forget him…”

To Mrs. Bye: Thank God for your son who had a big impact on my life so that I could try to pass the message on that everything is going to be just fine…
To Jon Bye: It was so Nice Nice to meet you.

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