What’s cool about grandkids.

My grandkids are beautiful. I’d be crazy to believe anything else; actually,  it’s true.  God made them each perfectly.

They have several traits that I want:
1) My grandkids live their lives in this present moment. Only the older kids even begin to worry about tomorrow. They are all easily distracted by whatever is physically around them.  The younger kids are mostly concerned about the beautiful rocks in the ground or where to play next. Sometimes, they fight- and then it’s back to play. The reset button is very easily accessible.

2)Those kids still trust. When we tell them that everything will work out, they believe us even when we, ourselves, may not. They accept our comfort and kisses on their scrapes and give the same to their younger brothers and sisters. They still believe in the tooth fairy and Santa. Even if the doubts creep in,  they trust that the others can benefit from TF  & Santa so they keep their thoughts to themselves.

3)They listen. What a concept. I can take a lesson from them and just listen to my wife,  my friends,  my patients and everyone else,  particularly my grandkids. I listen mostly for a break in the stream so I can get my thoughts out before I forget… Maybe thoughts that easily forgotten should be…

4)Lest I forget,  I love their need for physical contact,  personal attention and an eternally overflowing cistern of love.

5)Have I mentioned that I especially love the awe and appreciation reserved just for me. They fill that empty place in me that loves to be loved. They happily supply the vitamins to keep me alive… that keep me young, useful and happy to be here.

Who doesn’t have grandkids pics? For me,  it’s because because I love everything grandkids. There may be traits I find troubling,  but generally they are traits I see in myself that I think I don’t want them to have.  Thankfully, God had a great plan to make our children and grandchildren look like and act like us because we have been programmed by the same God to love ourselves and protect ourselves. In the same way,  we love and protect our offspring. It’s a circle.  A beautiful circle.

Thank you,  God for my grandkids.
Help me to see your perfection in them and not forget it’s in me as well.

I simply want to be half the man my grandkids think I am. That’s a tall order. Good thing I’m tall.

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