The Circle of Life

I love amusement parks and especially the rides. My favorite ride has always been the roller coaster. It’s ups and downs are not for the timid. The fast, tight turns can make me almost sick, but I’m somehow drawn to the frenetic danger.

If our life is like a roller coaster, our kids supply the fuel to make that baby zing
What a phenomenal ride. I love the roller coaster

We’ll get back to the roller coaster in a minute, first…
I want to tell you about my wife, Cindy. My wife was was born to be a mom. She has the nurture gene times infinity(+1).

I believe that Cindy learned her special craft from her own Mom and passed it on to our 3 amazing girls. Now as mothers themselves,  our 3 beauties and their beautiful husbands protect and nurture their own little beauties.

All the villagers in our  tribe (family) share a lot of Joy. Together, we watch and celebrate each child’s struggle through their growth and change even while we all still struggle with our own lives. Nobody told us in would be easy. They were dead on right.

More quickly than we’d like, our debutants grow up and  go through their comming out parties. We parents laugh (and cry) as we watch them begin to own their lives and start to dance to their own music. They grow up and extend the tribe.

Faster than we knew, our three children had children as the circle of life began again. After little beauty #7, we are as excited as we were with each of our own masterpieces.

Back at the park…
The roller coaster we call “life” is the best ride ever. Enjoy it but don’t blink,  because the ride only lasts a minute or two and we are off on a new adventure. Relax, we’ll survive to ride another day (and another and another…) What a ride.

Be well. Be kind. Love your kids. They love you back.

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