That’s What It’s All About

Dear Gentle readers,

If you want a cool reason to believe in God, read on…

If you have ever been to a wedding, there is a good chance that you have done the hokey pokey. It’s a simple little song and dance where you put your right foot in and out and wiggle various body parts… Blah,  blah,  blah… and … (sing it with me)

“… that’s what it’s all about!”


The hokey pokey is so simple that a young child can learn it and be thoroughly entertained while the adults laugh and drink and eventually go home to their lives and may never think about the hokey pokey again until the next wedding.


My friend, Neal Polk would love to do the hokey pokey… But the problem is that for the last several months, Neal is a quadriplegic.

Life went south for Neal at midnight on May 15, 2015. His Dr.’s placed him on life support at John C. Lincoln Hospital that night and called me to say that if Neal lived, he wouldn’t walk, much less dance because he broke his neck as his head hit that wall at the end of that cul-de-sac.


I’ve always wanted to fly, but not over my handlebars at 25 miles per hour. Kids, do NOT try that at home…

I’ve recited in this blog, an easy recipe for tradgedy:

1 Driving rainstorm + 1 motorized bicycle + 1 poorly lit street = 1 disaster

The recipe is simple and it changed Neal Polk Jr.’s perspective on life. Now he sees everything from a hospital bed.



Neal sent me a message yesterday:

Neal: “Phil, call me, I wiggled my right big toe.”

I’m sitting at my desk as I write and wiggling my right big toe and it’s certainly no miracle… If I’m Neal Polk, Jr., thats a miracle. Neal’s rehab mainly focused on how to feed himself and how to use a tablet computer to call Phil or Joe. Neal is a believer and continues to believe that God has had a different plan… A better plan. He knows that God wants the best for Neal Polk, Jr.

What’s God’s best for Neal? I will definitely keep you posted.
Thank YOU for thinking and praying for Neal. Thank God for Neal and his continuing recovery.

Please pray for my friend, Neal Polk, Jr. So far his right big toe can do the hokey pokey. He’d like to learn to dance again.

Send Neal a message on Facebook.

Send him an email:

And please, send thanks to God.

Thanks, Lord for all of us and teach us how to dance: one toe at a time.

Now, (sing it with me…) that’s what it’s all about!

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  1. Megan McLaughlin January 31, 2016 at 2:24 am #

    What an amazing and encouraging story! Thank you for sharing.

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