RIP Neal Polk

My friend Neal Polk was a troubled soul. Now he’s at peace.  Neal was a believer. We had many talks about God and he was firmly in the camp…

He knew he was different from many people and he embraced that difference. He had the loudest motorcycle he could build with the fastest racing engine he could afford.

After a DUI last year,  he switched to a bicycle… not by choice. He scraped together enough to buy a motorized bicycle.  Neal “rode it like he stole it”… May 15th, he rode it into a wall in a driving rain storm.

His next vehicle was a motorized wheelchair. Ever the rebel, he got in trouble for pulling his friends to the dining room with his new hot rod chair.

My friend Neal was loud,  outspoken,  sometimes rude.  He loved me.  I loved Neal Polk. Somehow we clicked. By watching Neal,  I gained a new perspective on boundaries and what it looks like to live a life outside of the lines. Hectic,  confusing and exhausting (It kinda reminds me of me).

If there are motorcycles in heaven,  Neal may be doing burnouts, donuts and wheelies. I’d rather think he’s relaxing,  finally free of his demons. Ahhhhhh.

I can’t say I had Neal figured out,  but I can say he was very loyal. He listened to me and cared about me.  He fought for others.  I say he was Neal Polk Jr.

Happy landings,  Neil.

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