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Pediatric Dentistry

From those late nights pacing with a teething red faced baby to awkward teenage smiles and grandpa’s loose dentures our team at Nice Nice Dental is part of the family! We can help you find the care you need to get back to the things that matter like FINALLY organizing the basement and arguing over the TV remote! As a grandfather of eight grandchildren, Dr. Cooke understands the importance of providing care for every member of your family!

Don’t you just love to play that unexpected game of hide and seek with your little bundle of joy when you’re in a rush to get to the dentist on time?! While you’re sifting through papers on the countertop, searching for the address and trying to find out if your child really did brush their teeth before you dash to the car, you might be wondering–do I really have to take my child into the dentist every six months? How can I just convince them to take better care of their teeth at home?

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Teen Dentistry

We can’t get them to do their homework but we can help them take care of their teeth! 92% of adults have had a cavity by the time they’re 23. We take your teen’s dental health seriously–even when they just want to have fun! At their regular check up we’ll get to know all the nitty gritty details about your teen’s current dental health and create a custom treatment plan that works for them, keeping their teeth looking and feeling healthy no matter what life throws their way!

Our team at Nice Nice Dental will help your teen get the fillings they need if they have a cavity, the Invisalign they need when they want straight teeth by Prom, or another retainer to replace the last one that went missing sometime during summer camp. When you make an appointment with us, we’ll help your teen get the movie star smiles they want so they can focus on all the studying they promised to do when you found their last report card. 

Adults and seniors

(Beyond Prom Photos!)

At Nice Nice Dental, we’re not just a pediatric office full of bubblegum-flavored fluoride and creative brushing and flossing games. Our grownups and grandparents will also get a high five when they come in for their six month appointment! Whether you need a root canal or a cleaning between work and picking up the kids from school, we’re happy to be your favorite Peoria dentist. And if the time comes when you or a loved one needs a dental implant or dentures, our staff will help you feel as comfortable and relaxed as if you were coming in for a regular checkup. We can always squeeze in your emergency, too! Just give us a call at 623.349.4978.

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At Nice Nice Dental

If it’s time to make a visit to the dentist, our office at Nice Nice Dental is excited to welcome you! You’ll feel at ease in no time when we take all the stress and anxiety out of going to the dentist by offering flexible scheduling options, patient education, and fully explain your treatment options so you can feel comfortable with your treatment every step of the way. Reach your highest level of dental health with us when you make an appointment at Nice Nice Dental by calling 623.825.0616. We’ll see you soon!

Dr. Cooke’s Baby Teeth FAQ

Baby teeth are sometimes called “milk” teeth. We dentists call them “primary” teeth. They are useful to protect the permanent teeth for the first few years. The baby teeth also provide the path to guide the adult teeth into the mouth. When lost early, the bite can be really messed up. It’s kind of like trying to put together a difficult Lego project without the instructions.

Of course if there is trauma to the mouth, an emergency visit is important to assess the situation. Normally, I recommend a visit at 2 1/2 or so just to get your child used to the dentist. It’s a get to know you and “show and tell” visit. Every child is different and you know better than we do when they can sit still for just a couple of minutes in the chair with you. First, Just let them come with you to a cleaning visit or 2 so they get used to the office, they can watch part of your cleaning and play in the toy room. Before the quick check day, you can read a children’s book to them about a visit to the dentist. There are several good ones and I have even written one too. If you call (623.825.0616) or email us ( and we’ll send you a copy.

We always have fun at Nice Nice Dental and want your child to know that there is nothing to fear. Let them come with you for an “adventure visit”.

We’ll have your kids take a ride in the chair (generally in Mom’s lap). We check out the tooth squirter (a favorite), mirror and gloves, and If it’s going well, our team likes to “count” your child’s teeth. They’ll be in and out quickly with a very low fear factor. They’ll feel in charge too! 5 minutes, a prize from the toy box and we’re done!

Absolutely. Even when we believe our child is brushing well by themselves, chances are excellent that they’re missing out on the most important area- in between their teeth. That’s where the cavities form very easily. It’s hard for a parent to go wrong just “finishing up” for the child each night. Quickly brush ALL SURFACES of their teeth and use floss between the back 3 teeth in each quarter of their mouth. That’s usually done with the head back or lying down on the bed. The floss is the key. Give your child the gift of a cavity-free life.

Many parents have great luck by brushing side-by-side with their children. A quick touch up by Mom or Dad and floss finishes the job.

All kids are different. Once you are sure that your child can do an excellent job, you can just watch them from time-to-time and I’d be happy to send you a copy of my kids book

Although your child goes into the bathroom every night, they might be able to fool you. Most cavities are between the teeth where the toothbrush doesn’t reach. It’s really important make sure your kids floss or help to floss your child’s teeth daily. Kids just don’t get the connection between germs, sugary foods and cavities before age 3 or so. Some adult children should probably live with their parents so they can brush their kids’ teeth as well.

In general, the most damaging snacks are sticky, sugar-filled treats. Fruit Roll-Ups and raisins are examples of fuel for the cavity germs. Cavity foods are like gasoline on a campfire.

For the fearful child, I am a huge fan of the pediatric dentist. Once we have evaluated their comfort level at the Adventure Visit,we’ll know more about their needs. For the happy, non fearful kid, they can just stay with the family dentist (that’s me!). I want you to have happy healthy kids. Whatever it takes!

Well, unnamed person asking made up questions, you asked a good one. If we didn’t have decay, then we wouldn’t have to fix baby teeth. Baby teeth fall out in a specific order and the primary (baby) teeth hold open the space to help guide in the adult teeth. When the adult teeth come in at the wrong time, the puzzle pieces don’t fit together right and the result is adult teeth that are not lined up right. That causes decay and chewing problems in the teenager and adults.

My rule is to fix baby teeth that still have most of the roots left. We don’t fix cavities that aren’t going to cause problems. It’s an educated guess. I try to be practical and careful at the same time. The best snacks are fresh fruit, nuts and cheese. Pretzels and chips are good from a dental point of view. Gum should be sugarless. Xylitol is a common gum sweetener and is actually proven to prevent cavities.

First, warm salt water rinse (1 teaspoon of salt in a teacup of warm water) and place a cold compress on the face if it is swollen. Give the child Children’s Tylenol for any pain, rather than placing aspirin on the teeth or gums. Call Dr Cooke (shameless plug) ASAP. Some parents use clove oil on a sore, open cavity. Some use Anbesol.

I think the easiest and most effective home treatment is Children’s Tylenol, Benadryl to help them sleep and a cell phone call to Nice Nice Dental.

My advice is to be SUPER POSITIVE. Make tooth time a happy time with a song during brushing. Here’s a link to a YouTube ( about brushing (Brushy Brush Sesame Street Healthy Teeth, Healthy Me).


Life is a habit. Once we develop a habit, we feel weird when we don’t do that habit. Please, don’t get me wrong, I made a lot of mistakes with my kids (and they still lived). I just wanted to make their lives easier and save them tons of money as adults. Good health habits are passed down from parents to kids. I think of making them brush and floss as a real gift to my kids

Some days I’m sure you are not going to feel like brushing your kids teeth. My advice: We need to step-up and push through the exhaustion.  It’s 2 minutes (Whoa there Buckaroo). We’re not perfect, but every time we skip it, we are sending the message that their teeth aren’t important.

Some days it’s really hard to do the right thing.