Life is short (call your mom)…

I’ve got a friend named Nick… (Nick is not his real name) My friend, Nick is very smart and seems to have 9 lives. He’s not a cat. I met him a couple of years ago and sometimes we talk about life over a cup of coffee . He’s a patient and a friend,  like many of you (insert smiley face here).

I got a call from a nurse today that Nick used up one of his 9 lives last night. He ran his motorbike into a wall. Fortunately,  his helmetless  head cushioned the blow to his brain. Unfortunately, he broke his neck.

 The Lord still hasn’t decided what to do with him.  I hope he’ll let him hang around for awhile. I’m sitting here in his room and life seems much more simple tonight. I’m just glad to be here. 

There is a point to this story: Call your  mom. Tell her you love her.  Next, kiss your significant other like you mean it. Life is short.


Nick was awake when I got to the ICU.  He had difficulty speaking due to the respirator tube going down his trachea into his lungs.   He actually smiled.

It made me think about my mom. She was a piece of work. I’m lucky. I got to say goodbye before she went home. Call your mom. Hug your kids just because you can. Tomorrow morning, I plan to go over to each of my daughters’ homes give them a hug then all 7 grandchillins… Hug,  hug,  hug (X7).

Recently,  Grandson#2(6 yrs old) told Grandson#3: “I love Grandma to infinity”…

Grandson#3 replied: Well,  I love Grandma infinity plus one”…

Call your mom. Pray for my friend, ” Nick”

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