Forgive me Dr Phil, for I have sinned…

I’ve been thinking about how a dental visit is like a religious experience…maybe not like you would imagine a religious experience, but a bit like a trip to the confessional.

The initial contact  that I have with new patients here at Nice Nice Dental is a few words of greeting and a short discussion of the reason for the visit.  Once I introduce myself and sit down for a chat, (generally, within a few seconds) there is a quick glance and nervous laugh and some version of      “I need to tell you that I haven’t brushed today, or I know that I don’t floss enough…”,  or “…I know  that my gums bleed…dont judge me…There are endless versions of the same theme in the dental confessional, but I try to assure everyone who has a confession that I totally understand and that the slate has been wiped clean.  Do I really believe that? Of course I do!  Whoever is without dental sin, let them cast the first stone. I hate to see the damaged gums and teeth, but actually, there is a simple fix…

An amazing fact about the human mouth is that there are more blood vessels in there than almost anyplace else in the body.  That provides an amazingly fast turn around time for our damaged tissues. Once the tartar and bacteria is cleaned away, our gums can transform from red, puffy, sore and bleeding to pink, firm and healthy in a quick couple of weeks.  Even the worst gingivitis can be turned around just by a little TLC and attention. A thorough dental cleaning can work wonders on any mouth. All you need is a dose of Nice Nice. Remember, at Nice Nice Dental, we are “So nice, we said it twice…”(shameless plug). 

Nobody is happy about pain.  Its painful, Right?  The result of not enough attention the entrance to our body is a painful reminder. Lets not even go to the smell… LOL.  So, my little children, floss and sin no more.

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