Road trip!!! Odd adventures #121: Cindy and I hopped in the car and caravaned with daughter Lisa, Zach and those grandkiddos toward the Magic Kingdom to spend the Thanksgiving weekend with part of Zach’s clan.

Wondering what we saw?
Along the way,  we stopped at the 8th wonder of the world, Cabazon If you’ve driven from Phoenix to Disneyland you may have noticed the roadside attraction. It’s just past the Palm Springs exit and all those huge white windmills, at mile marker 106 on I-10. Known as Cabazon, it’s hard to miss…

Two enormous cement dinosaurs, relics of the 60’s, with peeling paint and a gift shop in the tail of the 50 ft. towering Aptasaurus and and a T-Rex as well. I can imagine a time when families flocked to Cabazon to eat breakfast or lunch at the abandoned diner and play on these cement behemoths.

You can let me off at the Cabazon.
Cabazon is not a gathering spot for cabbies. Cabazon is a Spanish word roughly translated as “fathead”  There are many possible ways to use “Cabazon” in a sentence… mostly not so nice. Examples might include, “Hey, Cabazon,  what in the world made you stop here?” Or, “What were you expecting, Cabazon,  a real dinosaur? Are you Loco?

These two lumbering (theoreticly) Cabazones stand silently surveying the SoCal landscape,  gazing at those giant, white windmills. They seem to be patiently waiting for the economy to improve so that the long-expected tourist avalanche can finance their future; to  rescue these geriatric giants so that they can someday afford retirement at the assisted living center for cement dinosaurs (Palm Springs?)

And your point is?
So much of my life seems to be spent hoping for a better yesterday, thereby decreasing my chances of a better tomorrow.   News flash, Cabazon,  today is the only game in town. Live in the present. Quit complaining about yesterday. By the way, don’t forget to take care of your teeth so that they can retire with you.

The moral of our story…
The only way that I know to improve my chance for a better tomorrow is to live like there is no tomorrow.

My advice: live in the present.
Hop into your car and take a road trip.
1)Look around and embrace whatever you see.  It’s all good (made by God for our use).
2)Throw yourself into the daily battle, all the while,  reminding yourself that you’re worth it… because you are.
Happy Thanksgiving

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