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Guess what?  The earth is not flat. Who knew? Moon… green cheese? Nope. The sun does not revolve around the earth… WhAaaaaattt?  It seems like we got a lot of stuff wrong. We’re not all stupid. Some of the best minds of all time have just simply missed the mark about how the universe works. […]

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I’ve got a friend named Nick… (Nick is not his real name) My friend, Nick is very smart and seems to have 9 lives. He’s not a cat. I met him a couple of years ago and sometimes we talk about life over a cup of coffee . He’s a patient and a friend,  like […]

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I love amusement parks and especially the rides. My favorite ride has always been the roller coaster. It’s ups and downs are not for the timid. The fast, tight turns can make me almost sick, but I’m somehow drawn to the frenetic danger. If our life is like a roller coaster, our kids supply the […]

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I wish there was a magic trick to preventing tooth decay and gum problems… Oh… Wait… There is!… Read on! Well, actually, there’s not :-( Stay with me for just a minute… Picture this So, get a picture of a 50’s TV mom.. She’s smiling brightly and telling us “… with most things that are really […]

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Road trip!!! Odd adventures #121: Cindy and I hopped in the car and caravaned with daughter Lisa, Zach and those grandkiddos toward the Magic Kingdom to spend the Thanksgiving weekend with part of Zach’s clan. Wondering what we saw? Along the way,  we stopped at the 8th wonder of the world, Cabazon If you’ve driven from […]

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True story…I went to a men’s retreat. The speaker was inspiring, the daytime activities were really fun… but the nighttime was excruciating. I wanted to pull my hair out. (more…)

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