Are you SURE about that?

A couple of months ago there was a piece of cloth flying all over the Internet (its a figure of speech ;))
You may remember that gold dress… Or was it blue. It all depends on your point of view.


This is about what’s important to me. As much as I hate to admit it, It’s all about you (and by you,  I mean me).

I love to help others. I think that’s why my patients like me. Every once in awhile we need to pat ourselves on the back (I know, right?).

The other day, George(her name was NOT George) came in to see me because his lower “jaw tooth”  was killing her(him). It wasn’t actually killing him/her but it hurt a LOT.


I fixed her/his pain. She is much better today. She had no idea what was really hurting. She knew for sure that she had pain.

I saw her pain first,  then got to work figuring out the cause of the pain. I got to work making my help as helpful as possible.

Travis Turner is a really manly man.  He played quarterback at a small (not so much) school in Nebraska. It was called the University of Nebraska. When he grew up, he became a mentor to men and with his wife,  Carol,  a mentor to couples. He’s rich in relationships because he keeps giving himself to others. He’s one of my heroes.

When my marriage was in trouble, he counseled me to get it together and put Cindy and her needs first. It worked (it is taking awhile to sink in). Who else thinks that would NEVER work.  Welcome to the club.. Guess what? It’s working.

It’s ALL about the dress (this is NOT about a silly dress).  It’s actually about perspective… Her perspective.

For me, the balancing act seems to be learning how to balance my life. I want to see what’s important to the person I’m talking to.


Clip of a guy (Lucille Ball?) trying to balance spinning plates and not doing so well.

Another thing I picked up was the power of a kind word. “Please”, “thank you”, “I’m sorry” (still working on that one) and “how can I HELP you?”… are a nice nice(shameless plug) place to start. While learning balance, those words are even more important. Once you start using them,  don’t ever stop(please).

The important fact is not so much the color of the dress,  but how you see it seems to determine how you explain it to others…just understand that they might see it differently  and both of you might be right (I know,  right?)

Be careful,  if you see blue and your wife sees gold, look again and try to see gold. Even if you can’t see gold, believe her when she says it’s gold.

It’s absolutely possible for her to see gold, for you to see blue… and for everybody to be right…. does it matter what color the  dress is? Not so much… Keep the most important plates spinning.  Your family is important. It keeps you feeling important,  because YOU ARE IMPORTANT.

Sometimes we need help.  Sometimes we could all use a Travis Turner in our lives.

Get out of your skin and make your help, helpful by trying to see life from their perspective… Now get dressed and get to work.

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