I wish there was a magic trick to preventing tooth decay and gum problems… Oh… Wait… There is!… Read on!

Well, actually, there’s not :-(
Stay with me for just a minute…

Picture this
So, get a picture of a 50’s TV mom.. She’s smiling brightly and telling us “… with most things that are really good for you, it takes smidgen of willpower and a dab of “I’m gonna do something good for myself then If anything gets in your way (she says with a smile and a wink)… beat it with a 2X2.

Nice Nice blog mom knows best

Get yourself a stout 2X2 and use it on that bad boy bacteria. Hmmm 2×2…It’s not quite as dramatic as it sounds. 2 minutes of brushing, twice every day… Got it? 2X2 with an extra 10 seconds of a Soft Pick or floss. That’s the ticket…

Here’s your new goal: 
Brush those chewers for 2 minutes, twice a day. Get a Soft pick between your teeth to finish off any unwanted creepy critters lurking in the shadows.

The payoff
Only then, once you do yourself a favor, you get to pat yourself on the back for saving thousands of dollars for your family or your retirement or your favorite charity. Perhaps you need some cat food… or a cat…or a lot of cats (am I getting a little creepy?) Or maybe you want to get a shiny red tractor (like my brother, Paul) … You get the picture? It pays to whack (brush) those hitchhiking germs from our teeth and gums. Show them who is boss. As Bruce Springsteen might sing “BABY, YOU WE’RE BORN TO BRUSH..” (apologies to Bruce). But, I digress…

Turn the TV back on in your head. 
Picture that 50’S TV mom:
“… get in there, Buster and brush those teeth…” (please and thank you).

That’s the truth.

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