A Bug’s Life (what you can’t see CAN hurt you)

I’ll be the first to admit that I love dirt.  I like the smell of freshly plowed fields. I love to play in the mud. I even like mud pie…the ice cream kind :)  What I do not like is dirty teeth.

Most of the gunk in our mouths is edible- if you happen to be a germ. Their favorite foods would include anything that contains refined sugar.  Its super-energy food for germs. Eventually, all food breaks down into sugar, so it’s all good if you’re a germ.

The universe has lots of moving parts…many of which are bacteria.  according to Larry Jensen, a microbiologist at Midwestern University, the head of a pin can hold 5 to 10 thousand bacteria.The result can be as gross as bad breath or possible heart disease and stroke- all are problems which can lead to death or worse, a bad date.

Leaving food in between our teeth is like spreading a feast for our unwanted microscopic guests.   Our bodies do not enjoy dirt as much as I do. Think “dirt…not good; clean…good”.  When you think about a dirty mouth, think dumpster diving.  Think germ heaven.  Think fun for fungus. Think munching microbes and big, belching bacteria. Sound bad? Dont despair, there is hope for you and a bit of hard luck for those hapless germs who stumbled into the wrong mouth.

You can absolutely defend yourself against germ warfare and win the battle of the bacteria.  You have weapons.  You have a toothbrush. you have floss and for those of you lucky enough to come to Nice Nice Dental- shameless plug, you use SOFTPICKS Ta Daaaaa.  Get the extra food out of your mouth after you eat or snack.  Usually a good rinse between meals will do the trick, but bring out the artillery at bedtime. Clean the teeth and then between the teeth.

Be sure to brush twice each day and your mouth will reward you with fresh breath, along with healthy gums and teeth.  Your dentist will speak well of you and your hygienist will sing your praises. You”ll get more dates and most of all, you’ll be treating yourself to a longer, more enjoyable life.

Don’t give dirt a chance to upset your system- give floss a chance.  Keep calm, floss on…

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